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What are cookies?
Cookies are small pieces of data (text files) that are sent to your browser from a web server and stored on your device so that the website can recognize your device. There are two types of cookies, permanent and temporary or “session” cookies. Permanent cookies are stored as a file on your computer or mobile device for a longer period of time. Session cookies are temporarily placed on your computer when you visit our Site but are erased when you shut down the page.
Other than essential cookies, which are necessary for the functionality of our Site, we only store cookies on your device with your consent. If you do not want to accept cookies, you can adjust the settings in your web browsers security preferences, see more information on this below.
We and our service providers use performance (_ga, _gat, _gat_newTracker) and functionality(has_js) cookies. Performance cookies are stored for two years and functionality cookies are used until the end of user’s browser session. These cookies allow us to improve our Site’s accessibility and performance. These cookies provide us with non-personally identifiable data, which is the type of data that doesn’t identify you as an individual. It is anonymous and cannot be used to distinguish or trace your identity.
Our Site uses Google Analytics to analyze traffic and make design and navigation improvements to the Site. We use IP masking in Google Analytics, which means that we automatically anonymize any IP data we collect. Anonymized data is then used to present general statistics on how our Site is used.
Our site also uses cookies that are strictly necessary for this Site to operate and those include the following cookies:

  • _cookieConsent: consent disclaimer cookies that we collect when you accept our Site’s Cookie Policy. These cookies are stored for one year. 
  • AWSELB, or AWS Classic Load Balancer Cookie, is used to map the session to the instance. This cookie is removed after user’s session with server closes, which is typically within one hour. 
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How do we use cookies?
We use the information from cookies to make our Site user-friendly.
We (and our authorized third parties) may use non-personal information from both permanent cookies and session cookies for statistical purposes as follows:

  • To determine how frequently you and other users visit our Site.
  • To determine which are the most popular parts of our Site.
  • To monitor the use of our Services and our Site (frequency and time).
  • To receive general statistics on most popular geographical locations where our Site is used (countries and cities)
  • To determine which type of devise you use for browsing our Site – desktop or mobile.
  • To establish the type of browser you are using to access our Site.
  • To establish the source of traffic to our Site.

Our Site does not store any third-party cookies for advertising or marketing purposes.
How do you delete cookies?
You can choose whether to accept cookies or not and what type of cookies you want to accept. If you want to know when your computer receives a cookie, you can set your browser to notify you about it. That way you have the option to accept or reject a cookie. Your computer can be set to reject all cookies. If you want to find out how to do this visit Please be aware that changes in your web browser, meaning that the function regarding cookies are disabled, will prevent parts of our Site from memorizing your preferences, for example language preferences. It’s possible to opt out of having your browsing activity within sites recorded by analytics cookies.
Changes to our Cookie Policy
All future changes we make to our Cookie Policy will be posted on this page. Where appropriate, we will also notify you about any changes via e-mail in accordance with the Terms and Conditions. Any changes shall be effective immediately unless otherwise stated.
We welcome any questions, comments and requests regarding this Cookie Policy to
For more information about how we collect, use and keep safe personal data, visit our Privacy Policy.
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